Exploration of the Background and Criticism of the Inward Tendencies of the Babism and Bahaism

Babi and Baha’i’s leaders have resorted to the invocation of human evolution in order to prove their legitimacy and claimed a new religion which responds to the new needs of the evolved human. They have tried to prove the Mahdism of Ali Muhammad Shirazi (Bab) and the Prophecy of Hussey Ali Nouri (Baha) with the application of interpretation orientation, and expressed the claims which they have thought were new. This politicalreligious movement with an spiritual worldview approach is looking for the presentation of new words; thus, the current paper has investigated the background of the spiritual worldview of this movement and expressed the background of their claims in the interpretation orientation and the reference to the religious documents and teachings so it becomes clear that the interpretation-oriented and spiritual view of the Baha’ism to the world of religion and creation is rooted in the Shi’ite spiritual movements and in fact, the apparently new claim of the leaders of Babism and Baha’ism is the repetition of the old words of the ancestors.

Mohammad Ali Parhizgar

پيگيري مقالات در تلگرام با كليك روي آدرس زير:



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