An Investigation and Analysis on the Background of Babism and Mahdism of Ali Muhammad Bab and his Relations with Inward Flows

“Ali Muhammad Shirazi” is one of the claimants who separated from the body of Shiite in the contemporary era and by misusing the clear beliefs of some of those waiting engaged in mainstreaming. He was the first to claim Babism، but over the last two years of his life، he claimed messianism، prophecy and divinity. As the result of his claims، many riots were held in the Islamic Iran. He spoke of his novel teachings; however، his words and deeds were modeled from the inner spiritual flows and diversions attributed to Shi’ism.
The current paper investigates his background and finds the basis of his words and deeds by explaining and criticizing the Babism and messianic claims of Ali Muhammad Shirazi and his deeds and illuminates that his words and deeds is precedent in the effects of the inner spiritual intentions and diversions attributed to Shi’ism and in fact the superficially new claims of Ali Muhammad Shirazi are the republication of the old words of the predecessors and at the end، unveils the numerous contradictions in his claims.

پيگيري مقالات در تلگرام با كليك روي آدرس زير:


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