The Background of Messianic Claims, Abolition of Islam, and Divinity of Bahai Leaders in the Adherents of Hurufism and Nuqtavi

Ali Muhammad Shirazi is one of the claimants of babism and mahdism who spesks about the abolition of islam, revelation of a new book, and his own divinity and demonstrates as such that his religion is novel and new; however, based on the available evidences, he has taken the adherents of “hurufism” and “nugtavi” as a model in many of his claims. This article by reviewing the messianic claims, the abolition of islam, book revelation and the divinity of babi leaders, we review the history of such claims and make this clear to the audience that such claims have been recorded in the works of hurufism and nuqtavi leaders and in fact, the seemingly new claim of babi leaders is the retelling of the old words of these two adherents while these two currents have existed centuries before the babies.

Keywords: babism, mahdism, abolition of islam, divinity, hurufism, nugtavi, Ali Muhammad bab

Muhammad Ali PARHIZGAR
Phd student of islamic theology at qom university.
Entizar – e- moud(aj) journal quarterly
vol. 15, no. 49, summer 2015


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