Root of Intellectual Deviations of babi and bahai faith in the intellectual currents previous

Babi and bahai flow two contemporary deviant currents who are trying show their doctrines as religious , reasonable and new; But by exploring in their ideas and teachings , can be recognized that most of their claims is taken from false religions and intellectual currents of Centuries ago.
This thesis investigates babi and bahai faith’s modeling from the previous intellectual currents (i.e. Flows Ismailism , Hurufism , Yarsanism and etc) and researches root of intellectual deviations of the leaders of these two sects in issues such as claims to divinity and prophecy , deviational mahdiism , and Inwardness at the end of this research –that Collected from book and put in order with Description and analysis is organized – we obtain this conclusion that on the base of available documentations intellectual.
Deviations of babai and bahai faith are rooted at past intellectual movements; in a way that verbal and written literature , false claim of
Divinity , prophecy and mahdiism, and intellectual and esoteric doctrines of these two currents are duplicated and copied form intellectual and esoteric currents of centuries before them.

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